An English Assignment :)

January 7, 2011 at 4:23 pm (Uncategorized)

1. New year’s is the best time to make noise without complaints.
2. The silliest way to ring in the new year is to turn your speakers into MAX volume with a silly but catchy tune.
3. My family’s new year’s traditions is collecting round FRUiTS and tossing COiNS around the corners of our house.
4. Every new year, I like to jump up and down.
5. I started my countdown for the new year at exactly 11:59:55 pm.
6. What is my one wish for the world during the new year? It’s definitely WORLD PEACE. 😀
7. If I could be anywhere in the world at midnight on new year’s eve, I would go to Paris France at the top of Eiffel Tower. 🙂
8. Make a list of 15 words the new year makes you think about – why do these words come to mind?
— Because, just the thought of these words, it makes you appreciate NEW YEAR and LiViNG! and I appreciate everything about LiFE 🙂
9. The best thing I accomplished last year was finishing DiABLO II.
10. The one word to describe my past year is OK, and this is why I say that I didn’t really enjoy 2010.
11. The most exciting thing I did all year long was trying to retrieve SOMEONE I lost 😀 LOL.
12. How can I thank someone who helped me last year? By thanking her in public through this blog. THANK YOU Van Ericka N. Cadavis for always having my back, and also for being my BESTFRiEND 🙂.
13. Something I did last year that I want to do again this year is to attend a promenade with different people.
14. The most important lesson in life that I learned in 2010 is that TiME really is GOLD, and it should not be wasted.
15. My favorite place last year is the A.V.R (Audio Visual Room) or sir Ricky Alalid’s classroom. LOL
16. What were the best things that happened during the last year?
17. The most important resolution I ever kept was to never leave my plate unclean. 😀
18. My favorite part of school last year was the school camping (sarcasm).
19. The best month of last year was AUGUST.
20. What is one regular practice I would like to adopt next year? The habit of sleeping early.
21. I will miss last year because it was also our last year at EVSU. 😦
22. The thing I was most excited about last year was the school opening.
23. The nicest thing I did last year was staying out of troubles. 😀
24. The most interesting person I met last year was Talyn.
25. My best friends last year were Julyan, Allysa, Kenny, Arjay and Ezel because they were close to me. But my all-time best friend is Banni and she always will. 🙂
26. I was excited when I learned about insFLYFF last year
27. The best journal entry I wrote last year was unfortunately none.
28. The hardest thing I had to do last year was keeping up with Social Studies.
29. I’m thankful that nothing horrible happened last year
30. Something that I didn’t want to do last year, but that I’m glad I did, is making friends with strangers.
31. The most important thing that happened all year (2010) – Passing the year 2010 with cherished friends and loved ones. 🙂
32. In the new year, I will do great with my studies.
33. Something I would change about last year are those bad images of me.
34. Five things that will change about me this new year ………..
35. Something I’m looking forward to this new year is to hopefully find a great school for college. 😦
36. My favorite part of the year is currently NEWYEAR.
37. One resolution that I really want to keep this year is the habit of going to bed early. 😀
38. Something that I put off doing last year that I want to do this year is quitting DOTA.
39. My biggest goal for this year is to hopefully graduate. 😛
40. One thing that I’m praying for this new year is to make me a better son for my parents and to be a better person for people.

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Sailor’s Life

July 3, 2010 at 3:05 pm (Uncategorized)

The Watch
For twenty years,
This sailor has stood the watch
While some of us were in our bunks at night,
This sailor stood the watch
While some of us were in school learning our trade,
This shipmate stood the watch
Yes…even before some of us were born into this world,
This shipmate stood the watch
In those years when the storm clouds of war were seen
brewing on the horizon of history,
This shipmate stood the watch
Many times he would cast an eye ashore and see his family standing there,
Needing his guidance and help,
Needing that hand to hold during those hard times,
But he still stood the watch
He stood the watch for twenty years,
He stood the watch so that we, our families,
And our fellow countrymen could sleep soundly in safety,
Each and every night,
Knowing that a sailor stood the watch
Today we are here to say:
“Shipmate…the watch stands relieved.
Relieved by those YOU have trained, guided, and lead
Shipmate you stand relieved…we have the watch!”
“Boatswain…Standby to pipe the side…Shipmate’s going Ashore!”
William Whiting, 1860
–Sailors inspire me alot. They open up my imagination, on how wonderful and adventurous my life would be if i’d become a sailor!
They say a sailors life is dangerous, daring, but exciting!
Yes, these are oh so true but these people would not miss their dreams for the world!
Meeting people, saving lives, traveling the world etc… These are all the adventures I’d like to encounter as I age!
All dreamers out there! Be the Best! Fulfill your dreams! Set sail safely! 🙂

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Student’s life (nap’s point of view)

June 21, 2010 at 3:26 am (Uncategorized)

Maybe, being a student is an easy task of preparing for life, however, being a student does not mean you show up to school and study for a good grade. In school, you also experience thing’s that does not involve school activities. for ex. (dating, peer pressure, rebelion etc..)…our generation has come to the point that such young age such as ourselves, engages to stuffs like this, but that’s not really my point here, my point is, that students learn thing’s beyond what school teaches and they learn this life long lessons through experiences. As we age, and prepared for more life struggles, we trace back at those time’s when we can relate to the present and SMiLE about it! 🙂

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June 17, 2010 at 10:42 am (Uncategorized)

mga waray mga gwpo! 😀

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Hello world!

June 17, 2010 at 10:37 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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